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"The Lab"

A selection of various artworks especially made for you!

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Tailor made

You want YOUR watch immerged in YOUR chosen universe?

Here is the place where you can create your watch artwork from A to Z.

From the color choice to the universe you want or any suggestion, everything is possible.


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It is a profession that I did not choose but which imposed itself to me.

Can we speak of vocation? In any case, that's also my greatest passion.

Style and concept:

I have developed a personal touch, a marked style made up of confident features, contemporary decors and tangy colors around this particular world of watchmaking, usually so dull and dark.

The Watchoniste concept is quite simple... At first I started the whole thing by making bespoke artwork on customer's demand.

A hard and imaginative work at each new project but sometime frustrating to not share it with more people.

That's why I started to work on different projects, with brands or even with collaborators to create artworks accessible by more people but always with the idea of a limited number production.

Now in 2021, is the time to launch my own platform, my own shop in which I'll make my art more easy to reach.

I still keep the idea of making bespoke artworks, in "pièce unique" aswell.

This way, to each person their Watchoniste art piece.

Alex Eisenzammer, France.

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