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Story of an enamel marvel.

Brûleur à la montgolfière

"It all started with an idealized view of travelling"

When you get to create something that needs to speak to everyone and in the same time needs to be different than what we already have seen, and gives a tribute to an old watchmaking tradition too... it requires quite some effort to think of...

That's why, for me, a vision of balloons flying away would speak to everyone on a Worldtime piece and would keep all the traditional codes aswell.

Inspired by Marguerite Koch's work of art on these vintage Patek or Vacheron I starred many times, I wanted to recreate an ancestral vision of what travelling can be.

By the days, this travelling evocation was often depicted with Boats or Battleships, crossing the oceans or even aviation and space with

Omega on some of their themed enamel pieces. 

The thing is, enamel properties can give you some challenge, since you need to create a sort of contour to keep each color in it's area.

So the first design I made was too complexe and would have been too messy on such a small surface.

We had to create quite a few color combination and border placement, adjustment, to have it right.

With the precious help of a master enameller of course, things went faster.

The Watch called "Celestial Voyager Sunset Over Cappadocia" is a Andersen Genève based platinum case, with highly decorated details that only them know how to do.

The GMT disk is made of Aventurine and BCHH and I were taking over the design and fabrication aspect of the enamel dial and some other parts aswell.

See BCHH as the Mulliner of Bentley in some sort...

I believe this is one of the coolest project I've ever worked on, won't be the last one...



  • Gris Icône Instagram

An extraordinary meeting with Julien Bonzom, for this innovative project of an accessory going off the beaten track.

Heritier is one of those rare companies to give young talents and artists a chance, with the idea of creating exclusive and inventive partnerships!



The first Artwork declined on a product intended for the male wardrobe, the elegant silk pocket square for watch enthusiasts.

Limited to 150 copies, all sold out, part of the profits of which was donated to the fight against COVID-19 for the British Red Cross Foundation.

A project crowned with success thanks to its daring aspect and to the enthusiasm from the watch community toward this concept.



Furlan Marri
first advert campaign

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