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Alex a partagé un dessin avec vous 49.PNG




An horological testimony.

This collaboration in silk pockets, brings together a special attachment @jaegerlecoultre and its charismatic model!

Transcribing Romain's attachment to the Reverso model was a fun task.

Mixing a simple but elegant design around the history of the watch, that's what we wanted to Create.

By respecting the codes that can characterize it with an engraving on the back, representing the luxurious heart of Paris, and its boutique, Place Vendome.

Then the price is 99€

for a limited quantity of 100 pieces. 

Alex a partagé un dessin avec vous 48.PNG

Misterchrono X Watchoniste

The job of digital illustrator gives me the opportunity to express myself by putting my ideas down on paper or rather on my graphic tablet.

You will find below my last collaboration with Misterchrono which allowed me to create 5 unique designs printed in 50 copies each.

If you would like to know more about my work, or plan to collaborate with me, please do not hesitate to contact me so that we can talk about it together.



Unique creative vision

All my projects are carried out with efficiency, from the brainstorming sessions to the final rendering, including the first sketches. On this project, I knew my client well and knew that he wanted an illustration that deeply marks his audience, and the result is there.


Some icons will never die

This project was very close to my heart. being a great fan of watchmaking and design, one of the most striking and historic remains that of the Royal Oak. A brilliant stroke of the designer Gerald Genta, I had to pay him a lively and singular tribute.


Historiacl approach

Working on such a project allowed me to use my knowledge and skills in different illustration techniques in order to give life to a work that is both original but which can also speak to as many people as possible. And what a project to have to illustrate a piece of history! This Speedmaster floating like an abandoned vessel in space, between the earth and the moon, is quite the symbol evoked by this watch.



Legendary PIT STOP

Starting from a simple observation, the Daytona being one of the most iconic models in the history of watchmaking ... how do I give this work that quirky and unique side that characterizes me?

The staging of course! And what else is more evocative than a mid-race refueling for this chronograph created at the time for the sole purpose of making life easier to racing drivers ...


From light to abysses

Gerald who? and yes, him again, and this time guided by a most evocative name (Nautilus), we are plunged 20,000 feet under the sea.

Fish, corals, divers and a vessel on the lookout. it's all there ... hold your breath.



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