"The Lab" Moonphase child

"The Lab" Moonphase child


Here is what "The Lab" is all about, let my inner inspiration get over the mainstream flow of watch drawing creation.

Nothing wrong with a full face watch and personalized background that's for sure, but for those who don't especially own their dream watch or just want to show their passion on their walls without making a self portrait of a particular watch...here is where "The lab" creations find their place.


This artwork represents my childhood dreams, passionate about watchmaking, dreaming of these high horology pieces...i find myself contemplating some of these like, perhaps, we all do...


Maybe you don't own a Journe, maybe you'll never own one...but allow you to admire it, and finally...that's maybe the more important thing in our passionate minds.


Available on A5/A4 or A3 ultra high quality textured paper 190gr.

With Epson beaux arts printing process.

Hand cut to measure.

Premium feel even on a small sized format.